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Jenis – jenis bahan...

5. Rajut
Rajut sebenarnya adalah proses pembuatan dari benang menjadi kain. Pakaian berbahan rajut umumnya menggunakan benang yang lebih besar sehingga hasilnya terlihat lebih kasar dibandingkan bahan lainnya dan jenis bahan ini sangat mudah melar.

6.Sifon (Chiffon)
Terbuat dari serat sintetis/kapas/sutra dan bersifat sangat tipis, ringan dan transparant (tembus pandang).

7. Twistcone
Bahan ini lebih mirip dengan bahan sifon, namun memiliki tebal & berat yang lebih dibandingkan sifon, oleh karena itu tidak tembus pandang seperti sifon. Selain itu, twistcone lebih jatuh di badan, tidak menyerap keringat, serta tidak meninggalkan (bau tidak sedap).

8. Babyterry / Baby Tray
Bahan Babyterry / Baby Tray ini mirip dengan bahan kaos, namun jauh lebih tebal dan umumnya sedikit berbulu. Bagian dalamnya bertekstur lembut seperti selimut serta paling banyak digunakan untuk pembuatan sweater, jumper, maupun blazer wanita.

9. Wedges
Bahan Wedges bersifat agak tebal, kaku namun agak stretch (melar) sehingga sangat nyaman digunakan untuk pakaian-pakaian seperti blazer, pakaian kerja, dan pakaian-pakaian yang bersifat agak formal lainnya.

10. Ceruty
Jenis kain ini memiliki tekstur yang elastis, karena dalam bahan dasarnya kain ini mengandung bahan sutra yang lembut, sehingga kain jenis ini memberikan kesan mewah dan elegan. Cerruti ini termasuk bahan chiffon, tetapi seratnya kalau dipegang sedikit lebih terasa seperti kulit jeruk.

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Kantung Mata Bengkak Setelah Menangis

Weep not just impingement feeling . Crying a reaction over touched heart by a scene . Meaning tear- poured out while weeping is an idiom the feelings of happiness , disappointment also grief . Tears is a gift for life and heart to always realized basic humanitarian so beautiful , but weak and helpless over the power of the mighty . The absence of being reflection also limitations , there is no perfect in the world and no immortality the earth . all flesh would perish .

there were 2 cause swelling eyes after crying .
1 . Liquid tears containing salt that causes eyes become red and blood vessels under the skin eyes thin enlarges . This matter make the eye visible swollen after cry .

2 . When the crying increase the flow of blood in the area, which spurred face was swelling on the skin beneath the eye .

When feeling sad or other emotional triggered, then the nerve sends signals to the brain which then proceeded to lacrimal (the gland that act resulted in tears).

ways to solve it  :
1. Dispense some medicine eye drops to reduce redness and inflammation tackle blood vessels in the eye.

2. provide cold compresses on the eye, for instance by using a towel that has been soaked with cold water or ice cubes placed in plastic. Cold compresses to reduce swelling, not only but also helps reduce the numbness, soreness and pain.

3. place sliced cucumber (high water content of almost 90 percent), potatoes or compresses an unused with tea bags (containing caffeine could help to constrict the blood vessels).

4. When should position the body compresses an unused lying down or sitting with your head higher, leave compress the eye for 10 minutes.

5 . Consuming much water to prevent dehydration . Keeping a body remains hydration is one way to reduce swollen eyes ; and air flow help heaping liquid existing under the eye .

6. avoid salty foods after crying, because the salty foods typically contain sodium and excess sodium can increase the retention of water that causes the eyes to be more swollen.

7 . If it does not also reduced use anti inflammation of the cream or cream containing cafein to shrink blood vessels under eye so intumescence depopulate . Dab by using the fingers in the soft sweet in the skin beneath the eye .


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Cara Mengatasi Jerawat

Acne cures You exhausted, but acne reappeared and haven't gotten around to buy it? No need to panic. Furthermore, the peroxide benzoyl formula in Acne medications, sometimes making the skin so dry, flaking and irritation.

According to mathilde thomas , the owner caudalie vinotherapie spa in new york , You can actually make use of green tea to relieve acne. The trick is also quite easy and certainly cheaper than buying acne medications. Just follow the four steps to overcome your acne using green tea offered from

-- start cleaning face with warmed it up using the steam from the hot water. Steam will be softened the skin and opens the pores. Then clean with SOAP, a new face that you normally use. This will make cleaning materials absorb the skin perfectly. The skin was so much clean up.

-- take one sac green tea who has dipped in warm water . And then , apply to entire face skin. Press and focus on areas that most breakouts. Functions the same as toner antibacterial.

- and then , destory one tablet aspirin antiinflamasi and interfering with two or three drops essential oils , as oil sage . Stick it on this mixed on the skin pustulous ; let for 15 minutes .

-- after that , clean the face with a towel made of soft . Earlier , first wet towel with cold water . 

Good try !

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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

After deciding to marry and contains in the Breaking Dawn Part 1, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) becomes a vampire.

In a trailer latest breaking dawn part 2, bella living their life as a vampire , after 18 years to live normal . He said , “ finally I found myself can just glowing”.

With red eyes and pale skin , bella that has changed approached her husband , vampires ( edward robert pattinson ) who told him “you 're so pretty, Our body temperature is the same now”.

generally the size of a synopsis of Breaking Dawn Part 2 or less will be like this: bella is become a vampire with capability of being special and renesmee was born and raised with rapid conflict starts when Irina reported the existence of rensemee to family the volturi and they made her as to cause to strike the cullens family. Fortunately bloodshed between vampire inevitable after the cullens family able to convince the volturi renesmee that is not immortal child .

curious with the sequel? wait on November 16, 2012 yaaa

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Marketing Celebrity

Marketers have been using celebrities in commercials, print campaigns and promotions for years, because done properly, it works. Celebrities get the viewer’s attention; but whether they work to sell the product depends on proper celebrity casting.

Selecting the right star to “pitch” your product means finding the person to whom your buyers can relate — the person your buyer wants to believe. This doesn’t sound too difficult, until you factor in that in many cases the right celebrity is not always a celebrity you can afford. On the flip side, the right celebrity is not always the most expensive one. It is important, above all else, to consider whether the celebrity you select is right for your campaign and take the process from there.

Simply assuming that a person just has to be famous to represent a successful spokesperson, however, would be incorrect, with a considerable number of failures proving the opposite. Very well accepted and attractive super stars like Bruce Willis and Whitney Houston failed in turning their endorsements into success.

Among the possible reasons identified by several authors, including overexposure and identification, the ‘match-up hypothesis’ specifically suggests that the effectiveness depends on the existence of a ‘fit’ between the celebrity spokesperson and endorsed brand.

Anyhow, celebrities in advertising is a marketing vehicle that will likely continue well into this new millenium, and as long as there continue to be new stars introduced into our entertainment arenas — with last season’s stars being ushered out gracefully — there will be no shortage of talent to fill the need. Doing it right is the biggest challenge, a challenge that is answered in better response and higher sales volume.

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Program Pensiun Dini

The early retirement program plan ' in the Ministry of Finance of the last year, apparently still tight yet there is legal basis provided the Ministry of administrative and Bureaucratic State apparatus Reform (PAN RB).

Stated the secretary general of the ministry of finance Kiagus Ahmad Badaruddin in his office , JL Wahidin Raya , Jakarta, friday 5 / 25 / 2012 .

“Still in the process of finalization of basic law, if the basic law is already out, then we will hold, '' he said
Whereas, for the implementation of the budget claimed Badaruddin early retirement has been prepared in the Ministry of Finance budget this year. Includes one budget for the awarding of compensation for employees who want to follow the program.

 “Should this year because the budget was there , if it is not exercised this year and the budgets are scorched , “ he said .

According to Badaruddin , all discussion regarding to get such legal grounds has been done . However , the permit has yet to out .

“Process of discussion between K/L already, from Coordinating Minister of political and security already, right if you want to create a Rule for President should be coordinated by, in this case Coordinating Minister of political and security, and it already. Because of bureaucratic reforms under Minister of State apparatus and it's under Coordinating Minister of political and security, ' details.

Badaruddin added interested people of program early retirement this big enough. It is because the program is valued both for its development potential employees .

' It's a voluntary program, depending on how the register later. but I heard, quite a lot of interest because of the program good enough to be related to ' he said .

Later, further Badaruddin, Minister of finance not only provides compensation fund, but also guidance to employees who join early retirement can develop its potential in order to get the other income outside the acceptance he obtained a pension every month.

' Many steps are done such as  in collaboration with banking, how this person given business credit, how to work with franchise companies, it will be thought out all the next steps, '' he added.

allowing people to divert the potential he has to do the activities that other economic nature for his family.
Badaruddin said employees were given early retirement program to follow this will be reviewed from the aspect of education and age.

Hopefully this early retirement programs can run properly and responsibly. The Program is expected to develop the competence of employees outside the competence of which is already owned and the program is also expected to be able to filter out power-young educated workforce that does have a high sense of devotion to the nation and the State.

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Cara Mengurangi kantung plastik

Every year , everyone Indonesia using 700 plastic slips. This bag is obtained free from the time of the shopping, cadger, supermarkets , until the traditional marketplace. Total , every year , indonesia spend about 100 billion plastic slips.

Plastic pouches in the amount as much as it certainly has the danger. Not only are responsible for the death of 100 thousands of marine animals per year, plastic pouches can also harm the forest. And if we are given the fact that it takes 1000 years to make plastic decompose in nature.

We can active role in reducing the consumption of plastic bags. One of them by saying ' no ' to create plastic pouches. Besides , still there are nine means of reducing consumption plastic slips as in info graph below.
1. bring a Reusable bag
2. disseminate information concerning the danger of a plastic bag to the family and friends
3. avoid takeaway, better it where if you can
4. hanging a Reusable bag on the front door is so easy to remember to take
5. reduce the use of plastic pouches when shopping
6. use a reusable bag that can be folded and placed into a bag
7. recycling of plastic pouches with a variety of your creative ways
8. teach to avoid or reduce the use of plastic pouches since childhood
9. avoid the use of special plastic trash bag, use a plastic bag left in the House

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My Self ^_^

My name is Dwi Indah Utami Ningsih , you can call me Dwi . I was born in Jakarta Oct . 31 , 21 years ago . Dwi small pleased to use of mother’s cosmetics and very happy to put heavy eye make-up or to the party .

I was educated as a daughter who must be held responsible, opinionated firm and simple. Hard attitude my dad made me being personal hard. personal life of my parents when i was a kid who educates me to keep be a simple. was born a firstling make me has to be responsible for a younger brother me later.

I 've been to school TK Islam Tunas Harapan . I get some award-presenting from school , as a certificate of appreciation to dance, draw, and certificate of appreciation as well as champion class.

And then, I went to school in SDN Cipedak 01 Pagi. I am active in extracurricular activities Scouts and drum band since 4th grade of elementary school . At the time of my elementary school class 5 believed to be the team contingent badminton in SDN Cipedak 01 and I managed to take the cup champion 2 .

My Junior high school in SMPN 131 Jakarta and then I went to vocational school in SMKN 25 Jakarta . There is no achievement give to two schools , but I find a lot of many valuable lesson about life and myself .

I began to understand the meaning of a friend , a lover and a myself . Adverse events make me until now still doubted loyalty a friend , even though many friends who so familiar but i 'm still unable to mustered the courage that it 's my best friend .

There is someone who is very becomes a role model for me Besides my parents, my coach paskibra. He began to convince me how I have so much desire and ability within me. Environment paskibra who makes my characters getting louder . Although some people assume harshness a personality a reflecting selfishness but for me hard of personality someone is the principle of life .

he was a brother , parents , at once friend who is very wise . one  a message that I will never forget “ don 't just be quite a tails , but learn to become the head but only the head of a worm”
"Mom and Dad"

_My Coach use a white shirt_
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Curug Cigamea (Cigamea Waterfall)

Tuesday, the day a pretty exhausting but fun. Accompanied my boyfriend enjoy a holiday from the routine work is quite tiring, we go on the trip .... Yippee. Tired of the atmosphere and bustle of Jakarta, bogor trip to our area. Bored with Curug Nangka we also visit Curug Cigamea.

Curug cigamea located in village Gunungsari , sub-district Pamijahan , Bogor regency , province west java. Was less more 4 km from gate tourism area mountain Salak Endah until arrived at the entrance curug cigamea.

Access road to the location is quite good with a path made of stone and neatly arranged in the form of arrangement of risers (paving block) with a perimeter fence of iron.

When we arrived at the waterfall , down rain being . We landed at warung around a waterfall with enjoying a warm drink and boil noodles accompanied the sound of splattering rain water and waterfall.

Curug Cigamea has two main waterfalls with different characters. The first waterfall is closer to the entrance, with a steep cliff walls and dominated the rocks resembling black. The overflow pond beneath the water wasn't too deep and wide so it can not be used for swimming.

While waterfall second is about 30 meters from a waterfall first and be in slits cliff . A waterfall this second have a height about 50 meters with a water flow down even wider cleave cliff rocks brownish-black and spills water sufficient heavy compared waterfall first . Pond surplus waters which were under the waterfall second is large enough with water colors blue greeny the central pond signify the part is enough in , so as to be used for swimming.
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Sukhoi Superjet 100

Jakarta, Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft incidents in the area of Mount Salak Bogor, raising questions how fate demand the plane by the airline indonesia. in flight yesterday was an event promotion commercial airplane manufacturer sukhoi russia .

The head of the legal and public relations of the Ministry of transportation Air Transportation Ditjen Ishaful Hayat said there has been some airline which is very interested in the passenger plane with 98 . But he could not confirm whether after the incident yesterday , the airline still thinking about continue reservations sukhoi superjet 100 .

“So if talk standard feasibility airplane for standard indonesia had not checked, already the memorandum of understanding so new wanting to buy , with the present conditions do not know, whether it is interested in continuing or not, the order,” he told detikFinance, Thursday (10/5/2012)

He asserted that the Government could not intervene regarding the stance Indonesia airline who has expressed interest in buying Sukhoi Sukhoi Superjet 100. He thinks the decision is purely business considerations, based on the business to business between the airline with the manufacturer Sukhoi already pocketed the feasibility of flying to Europe and Russia.

“We just remind a few things to the airline about its feasibility, as well as consideration of whether some countries already use. If in economic, if disposable spacecraft already many operating in Indonesia is certainly the issue of HUMAN RESOURCES, it is easier to take care of him because of the type of aircraft it already many operating in Indonesia. As a company we suggest, such considerations only, “ he said.

As we known, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft were lost in the area of Mount Salak, Bogor, Wednesday (9/05/2012) allegedly crashed in a crater area, Queen Pamijahan, Bogor regency. It is based on the point coordinates, at last 14.33  before the plane lost contact with the CONTROL TOWER Halim Perdakusuma.

The head of SAR Jakarta ketut parwa said ,  even though last point co├Ârdinate plane , it is known but he could not confirm whether the passenger plane 40 people fell in such a position.

Opinion : 
An airline indonesia should really reconsider their decision to buy aircraft sukhoi . Sukhoi giant is a company of long history since in 1930 in soviet union , the company is better known as manufacturers a fighter .

The loss of the sukhoi aircraft would be a big blow for the Sukhoi, manufacturers superjet , because the company had started producing a commercial airliner years ago .

The aircraft was first used by Armavia in April 2011, and then followed by Aeroloft in the same year.

The aircraft was never troubled when operated by Aeroflot, the Moon last March, for example, an aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 must trim its schedule after trouble with the wheels. Prime aircraft used by Aeroflot is also prohibited from flying over the past few weeks because of problems with the air conditioning (AC). Similar defects are found also on other aircraft Superjet 100 belongs to Aeroloft in December, the issue on the chassis plane, make the aircraft was flown empty from Minsk to Moscow to get improvements.

Three days before the Superjet 100 missing on Mount Salak, a heavy barreling at Superjet more runway on landing in Kazan, a city in the central part of Russia. No one was injured in the incident. On last March, an aircraft Superjet was forced to cut its flights schedules due to problems with the cargo.

The airline of Indonesia should be able to divert budget commercial aircraft sukhoi to awarding scholarships to training and education for prospective crew members and the aircraft technicians who have the competence either. These scholarships are expected to spur the spirit of youth and youth to improve the quality of Indonesia aerospace.

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1. Detik 
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